Clay County, KY Accidental Stabbing is Fatal, Sept 1875

Mountain Echo newspaper, London, KY
Friday 10 September 1875;Page 3, Column 2

Accidental Stabbing is Fatal

Marcus AMIS, eldest son of Elder Jno. G. AMIS, who resides near Flat Lick, accidentally killed himself on the 1st inst.

He and his younger brother, Jno. T., were eating a water mellon(sic) when Marcus scraped the juice from his half, turning the hull over John's head, and to avoid like treatment attempted to run, when his feet became entangled in weeds and vines and falling over a stump, the point of his knife, which was open in his hand, entered his right breast, five or six inches below his collar-bone(sic), near the nipple, and being very sharp, penetrated the hollow. He lived about thirty minutes.

He was buried by the Good Templars, of which he was a member, and a large concourse of friends and relatives followed his remains.
Mountain Echo newspaper, London, KY
Friday 21 September 1875;Front Page, Column 7

Flat Lick, KY, September 10, (18)'75
Correspondence Mountain Echo

At evening twilight of September 1st, M. D. AMIS, passed over the cold, dark river to rest on the unseen shore of the other side.

The manner of his death is indeed sad to all who knew him, and in particular to the family of the deceased. He and his brother Thomas had been at work all day, and in the evening Thomas asked deceased to go with him to get a load of green corn for his horse; which he did. Then Thomas asked him to go and eat a water-melon, but he told him to go and bring the melon down to where he was, which he did and when deceased had eaten his part of the melon he scraped the water in it and dashed it on Thomas and started to run; he ran eight or ten steps, when his feet got tangled in some weeds and he fell; at the same time Thomas fell some three or four yards from him; deceased got up and remarked to his brother that he had cut himself a little, and began to sink down and remarked, "Tom. I'm hurt, help me."

These were his last words. Immediately I was summoned, but upon my arrival, my patient was dead. I found a puncture wound on the right side about the fourth or fifth intercostal space and about one inch to the right of the junction of the ribs with the castal(sic) cartilage. The wound penetrated the cavity of the chest, but was not a fatal wound by any means, and the cause of death so soon must have been from the fall, as it was a very hard one.

The deceased was a member of the Independent Order of Good Templars, in good standing. The Order buried him with the usual ceremonies of such occasion. There was a very large attendance and the proceedings was(sic) a scene of grandeur comingled with the deepest solemnity and sorrow, for all were made to feel that they has lost a friend whom they would sadly mourn.

It has been reported that his brother did the deed in a fight with him, but I know it to be a base falsehood - and by such rumors being told, it is doing Mr. Thomas AMIS great injustice, and at the same time piercing bitter arrows to his heart already almost broken with grief over the loss and untimely death of his brother.

I should have said that deceased had his knife in his hand, and when he fell, he fell on the knife.

Jno. N. Baughman, M. D.

Marquis D. Amis
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