Dayton, KY Trolley Wreck, Feb 1901


Twenty-nine Persons Hurt in a Derailed Trolley Car in Kentucky.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 15.---Twenty-nine persons were injured to-day in the derailment of a trolley car en route from Dayton, Ky., to this city. It is feared that several of the injured will die, although the physicians who were summoned have not been able to classify the injured. Miss Emma Hampton was the only one of the thirty passengers aboard the car who escaped uninjured. She was prostrated from shock when taken from the wreck.

An obstruction of some unknown nature derailed the car as it rounded a curve along the bank of a small stream on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. The car plunged across the sidewalk, carrying away a railing, and rolled over the embankment to the bed of the stream, fifty feet below. A majority of the injured were severely cut and bruised.

Motorman Yates held the controller until the car struck the bottom of the incline, in a vain effort to check its fall. He received injuries which it is believed will result fatally.

The New York Times, New York, NY 16 Feb 1901