Central City, KY area William Duncan Drowning, July 1917

The London Sentinel newspaper, London, KY
Thursday 5 July 1917;Front Page, Column 3


William Charles Duncan, 16-year-old son of W. D. Duncan, President of District No. 23, United Mine Workers of America, was drowned in Green River near Central City Sunday, while swimming with a number of companions.

He had swimmed(sic) across the river and started back and just before reaching the bank coming back, he began calling for help, but his calls were thought to be a joke, as the boys very frequently called for help in a jocular way. Furthermore, the last time he came up, he was laughing apparently, which caused his companions to only believe he was joking.

Charles' mother was the daughter of Jason Evans, of Pittsburg, KY, and who died there June 30, 1902, when Charles was only 14 months old. It was the intention of his father to take him to Pittsburg for burial, but owing to his coming to his death by drowning and the hot weather, it was found impossible to keep him up that long.

He leaves one sister, two half-sisters, one half-brother, a father and step-mother, who raised him, besides many relatives in Laurel and adjoining counties, to mourn his death.

After his school was out in April, he had persuaded his father to let him start to work for the I.C.R.R. Co., which he did May 1st, and worked one month and twenty-three days, only working one month before promotion.

He was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church since December 1914, and a boy that was loved by all who knew him.

William Charles Duncan
Find A Grave Memorial# 120081785

Age: 16
Death Location: MUHLENBERG County
Date of Death: 06-24-1917
KY Death Certificate #036-18000