Maysville, KY Terrible Steamboat Explosion over Sixty Persons Killed and Thirty Others Horribly Injured, Dec 1847

Wednesday, January 5, 1848
Vermont Gazette (Bennington, Vermont)
Volume: LXIX Issue: 4322 Page: 2

Cincinnati, Dec. 30, 1847

The steamer A.N. Johnson, bound to Wheeling, blew up yesterday with a tremendous explosion, near Maysville Kentucky from some unascertained defect in the machinery. Between sixty and seventy persons were killed on the spot, and a large number scalded, of whom some thirty were so horribly injured, that their recovery was considered doubtful. Among the killed we learn the names of the first clerk, Fairchild, engineer Lyles, and the pilot Redman. Among the scalded are Messrs. Everhart and son and G.S. Wetherby of Philadelphia; Wheat and Rillson, of Baltimore; and Jno. Galbraith of Pittsburgh. Messrs. Arthur Fole, T. McDonald, James Wickersham, G. Baker, and Ferguson, of Pittsburgh, were among the saved.
So rapid was the progress of the flames after the explosion, and so complete the devastation, that hardly an effort could be made for self preservation. The boat was soon in one sheet of fire and burned to the water's edge.
The number of passengers on board the A.N. Johnson, when the appalling accident occurred, was one hundred and sixty, and more than one quarter of whom escaped injury. So dreadful an accident has rarely, if ever, occurred on the Ohio. The list of the killed and wounded is, as yet, of course, very incomplete, and, as in most cases of the kind, there were probably many individuals on board whose names will ever be unknown.
The occurrence, as may be presumed, has occasioned great excitement and great sympathy here. Persons in the vicinity of the disaster, did all in human power to relieve the sufferers, but so awfully sudden was the occurrence, that nearly every effort was fruitless.