Hazel, KY Train Crash Into Wagon, Aug 1894


Last week a train on the Paducah, Tennessee & Alabama road from Memphis ran down a wagon near Hazel, Calloway County, Ky., in which were seated six young people returning from a Baptist picnic.
The unfortunate parties were crossing the railroad track as the train came thundering upon them, and the team became frightened at the alarm of the whistle, which was sounded for the crossing, and ran into a cattle guard. The vehicle could not be extricated before the locomotive had crushed through.
The killed are as follows: MISSES JENNIE and LILLIE RAY, aged 18 and 20 years, daughters of J. T. Ray; his son, TOBE RAY, two young ladies, MISSES HARMON were killed, and a young man named RAY badly injured. All were instantly killed, their bodies being horribly mangled and scattered for yards around. The wagon was completely demolished and both mules killed.
The train was on a down grade and running at a rate of forty miles an hour, and as there were very high weeds on either side of the track, the engineer did not see the party until the engine had struck them. The father and mother of the Ray children, whose years ranged from 16 to 26, are living and this accident came near wiping out the entire family at one stroke.

The Hickman Courier Kentucky 1894-08-31