Elva, KY Tornado, May 1896


A Family of Five All Killed at Elva, and Great Destruction of Property.

Louisville, Ky., May 17. – A special to the Courier Journal from Benton, Ky., says: A terrible cyclone passed over the northwest corner of this county this morning about one o’clock, doing damage to everything in its path.

At Elva it tore down the house of ANDERSON JONES and killed the entire family, consisting of Jones, aged eighty, his wife, aged fifty-five, his oldest child, a seventeen years old, and two girls, one ten and the other twelve. Jones was a poor man and had only lived in that community about six moths. Five coffins were sent to Elva to-day and the entire Jones family were buried in the same grave. The scene was visited to-day by hundreds from all the country round.

The tornado came out of Graves county via Sympsonia, where two stores were demolished, two churches and one school house torn down, besides barns, stables, fences and everything else in its path. There was considerable damage in other parts of the county. The damage done at Sympsonia was severe but no lives were lost.

The Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 18 May 1896