Paducah, KY Town Fire, Apr 1852



The Cincinnati Nonpareil gives the following particulars of the fire at Paducah, Ky., on the 3d inst., by which forty buildings were destroyed, and a loss of $100,000 incurred. A partial account of the disaster has already been given by the telegraph. The fire broke out at 4 o'clock in the morning, in the livery stable of J. G. COLE, on Front and Main streets, and crossing Main street, communicated with the Branch Bank of Kentucky, and thence throughout the whole block embraced between Broadway, Main, Market and Court streets. The fire then crossed over Broadway to the frame buildings occupied by RITTER & SPAINER, and burned out all the buildings between Malden lane and Market. There was no engine, not one from which could possibly be thrown a drop of water, in a city of 4,000 inhabitants. For a time it seemed our entire city was doomed to destruction, but fortunately, after the progress of the flames to the limits designated, the wind subsided, and thus thousands of property was saved. So far as we can ascertain, in the hurry of the moment, the following are the estimated losses:
HALBERT & OGDEN, druggists, loss $4,000.
HAYWOOD House, insured for $2,000.
WM. SMEDLY, loss $2,000.
WM. NORTON, loss $7,000 to $8,000, insurance indefinite.
W. NOLLEN, tinner, loss $2,500, insurance $1,000.
A. S. WINSTON, hardware merchant, loss $2,500, insurance $2,000.
NEBLET & KELLER, tinners, loss $500, no insurance.
LONG & HURST, livery stable, loss $500.
D. LOWENSTEIN, merchant tailor, loss $3,000, insured to one-third of stock.
RIGGS & BONNER, dry goods merchants, loss $5,000, insured $3,600.
ANDERSON & BRANDON, dry goods dealers, insured for $5,000.
JAS. LARMON, a block of storehouses, loss $10,000, insured $3,500.
S. KAY, loss $2,000, insured for $3,000.
COE'S livery stable, 20 or 30 horses lost, loss $3,000.
J. CAMPBELL, lawyer, loss $800, no insurance.
L. & A. BOYD, dry goods merchants, loss $700.
J. BEAUCHAMP, silversmith, loss $250.
JOHN WILSON, house and furniture, loss $4,000, no insurance.
RABB & ENDERS, druggists.
WATTS, GIVEN & Co. $1,000, insured.
R. H. & W. ENDERS, $3,000, no insurance.
LEWIS WALDEN, gunsmith, loss $1,800.
W. W. HAYWOOD, $700, no insurance.
J. GARDNER, merchant, loss in buildings and furniture $2,000, no insurance.
M. M. CONNOR, $1,000, no insurance.
MRS. WALTERS, loss $1,000, no insurance.
J. SHIRES, loss $500, no insurance.
MRS. STAFFORD, loss $600.
The above comprises the principal losses, so far as we can, in the hurry, bustle and confusion of everything, ascertain. We estimate the loss at from $75,000 to $100,000. Where we mention losses in the above statement, we mean absolute loss, over and above insurance. The Bank buildings were entirely consumed, with a large amount of valuable property. The money, &c., is in the vault, and its fate not yet known.

The New York Times New York 1852-04-13