Covington, LA Truck And School Bus Collision, Feb 1960


Covington, La. (AP) -- Three persons were killed and 23 injured, several critically, when a butane-gas truck collided with a school bus five miles north of here Wednesday.
Killed were the bus driver, NINA MAE REVERE, 47, of Bush, and two ppupils in the bus -- SYLVIA JEAN JENKINS, 7, Covington, and CHRISTOPHER LEEHANS, 6, Waldheim.
JESSE L. SHIRLEY, 31, Mobile, driver of the trailer truck, said the rig jackknifed when he applied the brakes because he "saw a pair of headlights pull out from behind the school bus into my lane." There was a downpour at the time.
The St. Tammany Parish (County) school bus had about 36 passengers aboard, on their way home from three Covington schools to the communities of Bush, Sun and Waldheim, northeast of here. The pupils ranged in age from 6 to 18.
MRS. ROBERT JENKINS, mother of SYLVIA JEAN JENKINS, was waiting beside the highway to take her daughter from the bus. When the collision occurred MRS. JENKINS rushed to the scene and pulled her dying daughter from the wreckage.

Denton Record - Chronicle Texas 1960-02-04