Bay Minette, AL Skiff Sinks, Feb 1957


Bay Minette, Ala. (AP) -- Six members of two related families drowned Sunday when an overturned skiff sank as it started on a 200-yard trip. Four of the victims were children.
One of the three survivors, JACK HODGE, 25, said he pleaded with the group to let him take the party in two groups, but was overruled.
The families were going to work on a houseboat owned by HODGE when the small craft sank in a canal which branched off the Tensaw River.
HODGE rescued his sister, MRS. INEZ COOK, 28, and her daughter, BOBBIE ANN COOK, 12. The drowning victims were JOE COOK, 31; his two sons, BILLY WAYNE, 9, and THOMAS, 5; and three HODGE children, JOYCE, 16, CHARLIE, 11, and HUBERT, 9.
The bodies were recovered.

Press Telegram Long Beach California 1957-02-25