DeQuincy, LA Bomber And Pursuit Plane Collide, Mar 1944


Shreveport, La., March 9 (AP) -- A collision between a Barksdale medium bomber and a pursuit plane from the DeRidder, La., air base, resulted in a crash which killed seven airmen aboard the bomber Wednesday.
The Barksdale bomber crashed and burned about five miles south of DeQuincy, northeast of Lake Charles. The pilot of the pursuit plane, a Lt. KEMP, parachuted to safety and his plane crashed and burned.
Five of the dead Barksdale airmen were married and four of the wives live here.
The victims were:
Second Lt. ROBERT K. WILSON, 27, instructor-pilot. Wife, Mrs. Dorothy J. Wilson, Shreveport; home, Chicago, Ill.
Second Lt. ROBERT G. MORRIS, 25, student-pilot.
Wife, Mrs. Mildred Morris, Boosier City, La.; home, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Second Lt. ERWIN L. EWART, 26, bombardier. Wife, Mrs. Virginia Ewart, Shreveport; home, Carroll, Iowa.
Sgt. DILLARD W. LEE, 20, radio-gunner. Wife, Mrs. Mattie M. Lee, Shreveport; mother, Mrs. Sadie B. Lee, Wichita Falls, Texas.
Sgt. THOMAS V. MURPHY, 29, engineer-gunner. Wife, Mrs. Lillian L. Murphy, Philadelphia, Pa.
Staff Sgt. EVERETT D. THORDOFF, 27, armorer-gunner. Mother, Mrs. Jessie Peterson, Alden, Iowa.
Sgt. DAVID D. SCHILLER, 20, armorer-gunner. Mother, Mrs. Josephine Schiller, Pueblo, Colo.
It was the fourth crash of a Barksdale-based medium bomber in the last five days, the accidents taking a total of 25 lives.

The Port Arthur News Texas 1944-03-09