Alexandria, LA Area Tornado, Apr 1923

Fourteen Are Killed In Cyclone; Floods Sweeping Louisiana

Traffic Is Hampered

Trolley Traffic Interrupted at Alexandria; River Continues to Rise

New Orleans, LA., April 4.-The Associated Press.-A destructive tornado which left death and wreckage in its wake swept over Alexandria and Pineville, directly across Red river from Alexandria early tonight, killing at least fourteen persons and injuring others estimated at fifty or more.

Fifty to sixty houses were wrecked in Pineville and vicinity. On account of the darkness and the debris filled streets it was impossible tonight to obtain accurate details as to the damage. The injured were conveyed to hospitals in Alexandria and to the United States veterans hospital at Camp Stafford.

The tornado is reported to have passed over Alexandria without doing great damage with the exception of putting the city’s power plant out of commission. It descended after crossing Red River and swept down the main street of Pineville blowing down buildings and damaging others.

Reports reached here late tonight that the towns of Boyce and Goodpine, near Alexandria, were damaged by the tornado, but details could not be obtained as wire communication with these places was cut off.

Unprecedented rains last night and early today in parts of Mississippi and Louisiana put streams out of their banks, flooded highways and interrupted railway communication with several points in the two states.

At Alexandria street car service was abandoned last night on account of flooded streets and stocks of goods were damaged when the water entered stores in one section of the city. Eighty scores of the farm of Louisiana state asylum for the insane at Pineville were flooded by the breaking of a levee on Rocky Bayou.

Alexandria, La., April 4.-The known dead in the tornado which early tonight struck Pineville and vicinity across the Red river from Alexandria reached fourteen with the arrival here at ten o’clock tonight of a train bringing the bodies of eight persons killed at Pineville and a sawmill settlement a mile east of that town.

Fifty or more persons were reported injured [illegible] of the wrecked houses in an area of approximately a mile square in the eastern section of Pineville for the dead, injured and missing.

The dead:

Harry Marrns, merchant; Enoch Williamson and his 15 month old infant; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gatos, J.M. Moraoe, Mrs. Alvin McCann, Miss Bell Jenkins, Mrs. Ed Smith, Mrs. Burnett, and four negroes.

Pineville bore the brunt of the blow and suffered heavy property damage. Several persons were injured here.

Montgomery Advertiser, Montgomery, AL 5 Apr 1923