New Orleans, LA Fires, Sept 1875



The Bells at Midnight.

Between 12 and 1 o'clock Wednesday morning, a fire was discovered in the unoccupied frame cottage situated on Gasquet, between Rocheblave and Dorgenois streets, owned by Mr. Byrnes. It was totally destroyed. An adjoining house owned by Mr. Gumbel, and also the kitchen of another house owned by the same party were totally consumed. Mr. Gumbel was insured in the Hibernia Insurance Company, for $700. Total amount of loss estimated at $1500. Cause of fire unknown.

In the Early Morning.

About two o'clock Wednesday morning, a fire was discovered in the drug store, corner Washington and St. Charles streets, which was totally destroyed, together with the entire contents. The property was owned by P. J. Phillips and occupied by J. P. Eckleburg. The insurance fully covers the loss.

Patrolman Bridges of the Sixth Precinct, reports that when the fire was first discovered, he hastened to box eight at the car stable, corner Carondelet and Eighth streets, to sound an alarm, but he was refused admittance by parties of the stable, which opposition caused a delay of some ten minutes. He was on his to box 21, when the alarm was given.

Another Morning Blaze.

About 2 o'clock Wednesday morning, a fire was discovered in the stable situated corner Elmira and Girod streets, which destroyed it and a frame dwelling house adjoining. The property is owned by Ernest Casimire, and was occupied by Henry Meyers as a dairy. Total loss about $1500, which was covered by insurance. The cause of the fire could not be ascertained.

A Small Fire in Algiers.

At half past 9 a. m., Wednesday, an alarm was sounded from the Engine House of Brooklyn Fire Company No. 2, Algiers, occasioned by a chimney on fire in a house on Decatur, near Homer street, owned by Mrs. Morse, and occupied by Mr. Franklin Myers. The flames were extinguished before any material damage resulted.

The New-Orleans Times, New Orleans, LA 23 Sept 1875