Kentwood, LA Trainman Killed by Falling Cow, Mar 1902

Animal Thrown from Track by Chicago Limited Mortally Wounds Oliver McVeigh
Special to The New York Times

NEW ORLEANS, La., March 16 — Of all strange deaths recorded in this part of the country for many a day, the fate met by Oliver McVeigh, a builder, in Kentwood, La., yesterday morning, is strangest. McVeigh was at work on the new depot there. The Chicago Limited, southbound and running at a terrific speed, struck a cow just opposite the station.
The cow was instantly killed and her body hurled into the air. In its descent it struck McVeigh, breaking his neck, both arms, and legs, and fracturing his skull. McVeigh was picked up dead.
The remains were shipped this morning to Jackson, Miss., of which city he was a resident and where he leaves a wife and children.

March 17, 1902 edition of The New York Times