New Iberia, LA Four Auto Crash Kills Nine, June 1960


New Iberia, La. (AP) - With the toll nine dead and one injured, police probed the possibility that a $10 drag race bet may have led to one of the nation's worst traffic accidents this year.
ARCHIE ALEXANDER, a 24-year-old Negro from Patoutville, La., was the only survivor of the four-car crash just outside the city limits last night.
Police had to piece together details of the crash with wreckage scattered over a one-block area. Officers theorized that three cars were going in one direction and a fourth approached from the opposite way.

Died This Morning.
PATRICK HENRY, 32, of Jeanerette, La., was the last to die. He was taken to a hospital with critical injuries and died at 4 a.m.
AARON WILLIAMS, SR., a Negro about 70, and his three sons were killed in one of the cars. His sons were AARON, JR., 17, ROGER, 28 and LLOYD. They had a farm at nearby Patoutville.
Dead in the other cars were GEORGE BABINEAUX, JR., 17, and ALBIN BODIN, 18, both of New Iberia, and both in the same automobile; SEBASTIAN LaPORTE, 21, of Jeanerette, driver of another car; and the REV. LLOYD TAYLOR, 29, a Pentacostal minister from Tupelo, Miss., driver of the car in which HENRY was a passenger. HENRY was TAYLOR'S brother-in-law.
Reports were that BABINEAUX and LaPORTE had the drag race bet, although police declined to comment on such statements. They reportedly made the bet at a gas station last night.
ALEXANDER told police he was riding in the middle of the front seat of the car driven by AARON, JR., with one of the others beside him.
He said he recalled one car seemed to be trying to pass and suddenly headlights were coming toward the left side of the WILLIAMS' car.
That was all he could tell of the accident.
"When I woke up," he added, "I was lying in a ditch full of water."

Delta Democrat-Times Greenville Mississippi 1960-06-21