New Orleans, LA Levee Break, May 1893

Another Levee Broken.

NEW ORLEANS, May 21.---The worst crevasse of the season of the season had just occurred. The levee has broken below Lake Providence at Judge Wiles' plantation, and the crevasse is now 200 feet and rapidly widening. Great destruction will result. There is not hope of closing the break.

Lima Times Democrat, Lima, OH 24 May 1893



Another Broken Levee Adds to the Louisiana Floods.

NEW ORLEANS, May 17,---Grand Lake levee has broken as the result of a heavy storm. It is situated in a thinly settled part of Arkansas just above the Louisiana line and lies between the river and an old sough. The extent of the break is not yet known. The water from it will reach Bayou Mason, into which the water from the previous crevasses are now flowing. Governor Foster and party will start down the river from Greenville and will probably visit the break.

The river between Arkansas City and New Orleans continues to rise, and the levees are being patrolled day and night. The Louisiana levee can stand a considerable rise yet, but every precaution is being taken against breaks. The crevassed in Arkansas will have the effect of extending the high water season, as the water from them must return to the Mississippi.

Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 17 May 1893