Galveston, TX (off shore) Bombers Crash In Gulf Of Mexico, Sep 1943

One of the planes was believed to have lost its position in the formation, said the announcement. In attempting to maneuver back it collided with another ship. One plane exploded and both sank immediately afterwards.

Victims and next of kin, who have been notified were listed by the Alexandria base office as:
Capt. HENRY A. LEWIS, instructor-pilot, H. B. Lewis, 3324 H Street, Fort Worth, Tex., father.
First Lt. ROBERT H. SMITH, instructor-pilot, Mrs. R. H. Smith, wife, Alexandria, Mabry Smith, father, San Diego, Calif.
Second Lt. PAUL BRADNAN, pilot, Mrs. Julia Bradnan, mother, Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Paul Bradnan, wife, Alexandria.
Second Lt. OSCAR A. BENNETT, pilot, O. A. Bennett, father, 114 Cedar Street, Sweetwater, Tex.
Second Lt. JAMES J. PALACK, copilot, Mrs. Sarah Palack, mother, Hoboken, N.J.
Second Lt. STEVENSON A. WILLIAMS, Mrs. Lewis J. Williams, mother, Bel Air, Md.
Second Lt. GEORGE J. LONG, John Long, father, Miles, Ohio, Mrs. George J. Long, wife, Alexandria.
Second Lt. ALVA W. REDDING, JR., A. W. Redding, Sr., father, Burlington, Kan.
Second Lt. OSCAR L. KOEGEL, Mrs. Virginia Koegel, wife, Laske Minnewaska, Northwest Territory.
Sgt. JOE T. BARRON, Mrs. Jennie Barron, mother, 527 North Clayton Street, Tyler, Tex.
Sgt. HOWARD J. CODE, Mrs. Dorothy S. Code, mother, Long Island City, N.Y.
Sgt. JOHN T. LOFTON, Mrs. Willie Lofton, mother, Alexandria.
Sgt. JOHN F. ARRILLAGA, Mrs. Annette Arrillaga, wife, Stockton, Calif.
Sgt. JACK L. STEWART, Edgar Stewart, father, Route 2, Trout, Tex.
Staff Sgt. J. E. LINAM, Mrs. Emma Linam, Route 3, Cisco, Tex.
Sgt. WILLIAM F. PINE, Mrs. Lillian Pine, mother, Eaton, N.J.
Sgt. REINHOLD KUBARTH, Mrs. Virginia E. Kubarth, wife, and Mrs. Bertha Kubarth, mother, Kenosha, Wis.
Sgt. WILLILAM W. VOLKMER, Mrs. Hannah T. Volkmer, mother, Hampton, Va.
Sgt. RICHARD E. ROYER, Mrs. Ora Belle Royer, mother, Kane, Pa.
Sgt. BILL J. SMITH, William M. Smith, father, Liberty, N.C.
Sgt. WILLIAM E. CULP, William Culp, father, Columbus, Pa.
Sgt. CHARLES L. FINDLEY, Mrs. Emma Findley, mother, Beaver Crossing, Neb.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1943-09-12