Dequincy, LA Train Wreck, July 1935

Train Victim's Identity Learned After 8 Months; Texan's Dream Credited

Beaumont, Texas, March 18 (AP). A dream was credited Wednesday with leading to the identification of a man killed in a train accident July 14 near De Quincy, La.

The victim was LAULY J. SONNIER of Port Arthur, who worked intermittently as a baker at Port Arthur and sometimes left home for extended periods, wandering about the country.

Last summer, soon after the story of an unidentified man being killed in the Louisiana train accident appeared in papers here, Sidney J. Sonnier dreamed he saw his brother in the end of a freight car and ill. Other members of the family talked him out of investigating and expressed confidence they soon would receive a letter from the absent brother.

When no letter came, Sidney Sonnier decided to find out about the man killed last summer. As he approached a car inspector at De Quincy the inspector said: "I know why you are here. You have come to inquire about your brother's death. The man who was killed on the train was an exact image of you."

LAULY SONNIER had been buried at De Quincy. The grave was reopened and the body identified. It was reburied here.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 19 Mar 1936