Gardiner, ME Fire, Jun 1886



GARDINER, Me., June 7.----A most disastrous fire, causing the loss of nearly $250,000 worth of property broke out in an elevator connected with the extensive icehouses of Bodwell & Allen, in Pittston, this afternoon. Within 15 minutes these buildings were totally destroyed. The flames then crossed the street to two dwellings owned by the firm and occupied by several tenants, and these also were burned. A sudden change in the wind carried the flames across the Kennebec, and in a few moments the entire roof of the South Knickerbocker icehouse in Farmingdale was ablaze. The excitement at this time became intense, as in the vicinity of the Knickerbocker houses were a long line of icehouses and many fine residences, all of which were endangered. The Fire Departments of Augusta were all engaged in fighting the flames, which, however, quickly spread from the Knickerbocker houses to the adjacent buildings known as the Marshall houses, and before these were fairly burning it was discovered that the fire had recrossed the river and had attacked the icehouses in Chelsea belonging to the same company. Little or nothing could be done toward saving the buildings already burning, and the efforts of the firemen are directed toward saving the residences in Farmingdale. The tenement of P. G. Broadstreet was gutted.

The losses are about as follows: Knickerbocker Ice Company, Philadelphia, building at Farmingdale, $80,000 and 40,000 tons of ice; building at Chelsea, $25,000 and 20,000 tons of ice. The insurance is placed in Philadelphia and cannot be obtained here. Bodwell & Allen, buildings in Pittston, $33,000; insurance, $15,000. J. R. Goodwin, dwelling house in Pittston, $1,500; P. G. Bradstreet, tenement house in Farmingdale, $1,000; insurance on the two latter unknown. The loss on the other property is fully covered by insurance.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Jun 1886