Wells, ME Train Wreck, Jan 1882



An Iron Bridge Gives Way-Four Cars and One Hundred People Go Down-Twenty Killed and Wounded.

KENNEBUNK, Me., Jan. 2;---As the half-past eight train from Boston on the Boston and Maine railroad, Conductor Weymouth,with two engines, crossed the iron bridge at Coles' Corner, at Wells, the bridge gave way after the engines, baggage and parlor car had crossed, precipitating the other fur cars down an embankment, and they immediately caught fire and were totally destroyed.

There were about one hundred passengers on board. One man, whose name is unknown, was killed. J. HENRY DOWNER, of Berwick, Me., probably fatally hurt. Conductor Weymouth and James Nolan, brakeman, were badly wounded, and Leland and James Canney, of Pittsfield, were also badly hurt. The following passengers were injured: William H. Purdy; of Old Orchard, wounded in the eye: C. D. Parish, of Salem, N. Y., slightly hurt; --- Warren, of York, Me., broken arm; Joseph P. Roberts, of Charlestown, Mass., slightly hurt; C. K. Tibbets, of Boston, badly bruised; Mrs. Frank H. Peabody and daughter, of Kennebunk, slightly bruised; Lizzie M. Dixon, of Wells, Me., slightly bruised; Joshua H. Smalley, of West Dennis, Mass., ribs broken; Mrs. G. A. Clark, of Portland, injured in the head; Paul Wild, of South Braintree, Mass., severely bruised about the head; William Hazleton, wife and son, of Haverhill, slightly injured. Drs. Roeb and Wentworth, of Kennebunk, and Hall, of Wells, were on hand and rendered all possible assistance. A special train from Portland has arrived with physicians on hand.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 3 Jan 1882