Bangor, ME Train Through Bridge, Aug 1871

Bangor, ME Train Wreck, Aug 1871 Bangor, ME Train Wreck, Aug 1871 Bangor, ME Train Wreck, Aug 1871 Bangor, ME Train Wreck, Aug 1871


Bangor, Maine, August 9. -- As a passenger train on the Maine Central Railway was entering the city tonight, the bridge over the Hampden Road gave way, causing a general smash-up, which killed one person outright and injured 30 others more or less seriously. The engine and a portion of the train went down, while the balance, consisting of a smoking car, three passenger coaches and one Pullman palace car, was tumbled into the streets of the the city.

The smoking car was plunged a distance of 25 feet into the street, followed by two of the passenger coaches, and all three were completely torn to pieces. The third coach plunged down the abyss, striking on its forward end and crushing it in, while the rear remained suspended on the broken timbers at an angle of 45 degrees.

WM. PERCIVAL, brakeman, was killed at his post on the front platform of the third car. The train, being behind time, was running very fast to make up, and the loss of life would have been fearful but for the small number of passengers aboard. Many were dug out unhurt from the mass of debris to which the train had been reduced. The cause of the accident was the decayed condition of the bridge, and a searching investigation is to be made by this community immediately.

MRS. J. F. ADAMS, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is among the injured.

Janesville Gazette Wisconsin 1871-08-10