Baileys Island, ME Diving Accident, Aug 1900


Son of the Rev. C. H. Mann Cannot Recover, It Is Said.

Orange, N. J., Aug. 20--A letter received yesterday in the office of the New Church Messenger from the editor, the Rev. Charles H. Mann, who was injured while bathing at Bailey's Island, Me., two weeks ago, was practically hopeless. The son, who is 18 years old and a student in the Dearborn-Morgan School, this city, dived and struck his head on a rock at Bailey's Island, where the members of the family are spending the Summer. He was taken from the water completely paralyzed from the neck downward. The doctors found the vertebrae fo the neck crushed and the spinal cord severed.

An operation was performed and the splintered vertebrae removed, but no hope of the young man's recovery is entertained. Although unable to move any part of his body excepting his head, the injured boy has retained consciousness, and is said to be cheerful and without pain.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Aug 1900