South Waterborough, ME Fire, Jul 1911


Fire Sweeps On from South Waterloo Into the Nearby Forests.

BIDDEFORD, Me., July 12--Fire practically wiped out the village of South Waterborough late to-day. The hotel, railroad station, all of the stores in the village, and more than two-score dwelling houses are in ruins, and the fire, which has spread to the woods, is still raging.

Goodwin's Mills, a village a few miles from South Waterborough, was in the direct path of the flames late to-night, and residents were preparing to leave their homes and flee to places of safety. Several farm buildings along the highway leading to Goodwin's Mills have been destroyed.

A hurried estimate of the loss on the buildings destroyed in South Waterborough, with their contents, places the figure at upward of $100,000, while the timber loss already sustained is many thousands more.

Thirty families, nearly half the population of the village, were driven from their homes and are being cared for by more fortunate neighbors.

The fire started from an unknown cause in the barn of Clyde F. McKenney. The village was without fire protection of any kind, and the hurriedly formed bucket brigades were of little avail. Calls for help were sent out, and Portland sent a fire engine which, however, did not arrive until the fire had run through the village.

The New York Times, New York, NY 13 Jul 1911