Thomaston, ME Fire, Jun 1915


Burns Thomaston's Only Hotel--Incendiaries Suspected.

THOMASTON, Me., June 6.--The Knox House, the only hotel here, the Watts Block, owned by the town, a livery stable and a mercantile block containing four stores were burned early today. The loss is approximately $100,000, more than half of which is covered by insurance. W. L. Catland, owner of the stable where the fire began, believes that it was set on fire, and the authorities are investigating a report that several men were seen running from the premises after an explosion.

The Watts Block was presented to the town in 1890 by Captain Samuel Watts. Valuable records covering a century and a half which were kept in the town offices in this building were saved.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jun 1915