Montague, ME Millinery Store Gas Explosion, Jan 1904 - Gas Explodes


Destroys Store Building in Montague, Me., Kills Two Persons and Injures Five.

Montague, Me., Jan. 8. -- A gas explosion in the millinery store of CLEARY brothers Thursday night killed at least two persons, severely injured five others, and started a fire that destroyed the building with a loss of $25,000. Four persons who were thought to have been in the store when the explosion occurred are missing and it is feared that their bodies will be found in the ruins. Those known to have lost their lives are JAMES CLEARY, one of the proprietors, and a woman bookkeeper in the store. The explosion is said to have been caused by the clogging of a gas pipe. The concussion was felt throughout the town and huge timbers were thrown a hundred yards.

Stevens Point Daily Journal Wisconsin 1904-01-08