Portland, ME Fire, Jul 1866 - Additional Information

PORTLAND, Me., Saturday, July 7. The property of the Five-cent Savings Bank is all safe.

The Casco Bank safe opens all right.

The city is filled with pickpockets from Boston and New-York.

Moses Russel had his pocket picked in Congress-street this morning of $1,500.

A man was hustled and robbed of $400 on Middle-street this afternoon.

A fireman was beatened by two roughs last night.

The following are additional losses:

Peter B. Trask's tailor-shop and house, loss $7,000, insured $6,000. G. L. Barly, gunsmith, loss $1,500; fully insured. Byron, Greenough & Co., loss about $60,000; insured $55,000 in Portland, Hartford and Springfield. Jas. S. Staples, printing office and residence, loss $6,000; insured $3,000. Charles Holden, real estate, &c., loss $10,000; insured $3,000 in the Portland Mutual Company. Canadian Express, loss
1,500; no insurance.

PORTLAND, Me., Saturday, July 7. Lowell & Senter, jeweler's vault, has been opened and the contents found uninjured.

All the records and files of the United States Circuit and District Court prove to be uninjured.

Mayor Shaw of Biddeford immediately aftet the fire, telegraphed Mayor Stevens, offering money, food and clothing, and on being informed that at present bedding and building materials would be most acceptable, he called a meeting, at which the Committee, consisting of the most influential citizens, were chosen to canvass each ward and obtain subscriptions. It is understood that large amounts have been subscribed.

PROVIDENCE, Saturday, July 7. A. & W. Sprague give $1,000 to aid the Portland sufferers.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Jul 1866