Gorham, ME Tornado Causes Much Damage, Oct 1855


From the Portland Advertiser.
A violent tornado was experienced in Gorham on Sunday night. The dwelling house of MR. NILES, a frame building, one and a half stories in height, was moved from its foundation, back about ten feet, when it brought up against an apple tree. Thus far it saved MR. NILES a good deal of trouble and expense, for he intended to move his house back to the very spot where the tornado left it. But he was not quite so well pleased with the freaks the wind played with his barn; it took it completely apart and carried the timbers, boards, &c., up a hill some two hundred feet and left them there!
Several houses in the vicinity had their chimneys blown down, and the roofs of quite a number were started. The duration of the tornado was short, and its track was quite narrow. Some of the neighbors living but a short distance from MR. NILES, and upon higher ground, heard the sound of the wind but felt nothing of its effects. MR. NILES and his family were in the house at the time of its sudden and unexpected removal! Although terribly alarmed, they were not at all injured.

The New York Times New York 1855-10-18