New England Storm, Jul 1904


BOSTON, Mass., July 6.---Southern New England was visited by severe thunderstorms yesterday and much damage and loss of life resulted.

At Fitchburg, Ralph Barker, aged 11, son of Henry Barker, of 96 Rollstone street, was instantly killed by being struck by lightning in a barn where he had taken shelter from the storm.

At Biddeford, Me., John Bearce, a weaver in the York Cloth Mills, stepped on a live telephone wire which had crossed with an electric light wire, and was killed.

Peter B. Cody, who went to his assistance, also stepped on the wire and received a severe shock, but escaped with his life.

The city building at Biddeford was set on fire by the burning out of wires that supply electricity to the fire alarm system in the tower, and was damaged by water to the extent of $2,500.

The Maplehurst farm stable at Lancaster, owned by the Thayer estate, was struck by lightning, causing a loss of $25,000. Houses were struck in various places along the coast in Massachusetts and Maine and in Salem, Peabody and Danvers. The thunder was so heavy that it shook the ground like an earthquake.

Wilkes-Barre Times, Wilkes-Barre, PA 6 Jul 1904