Bangor, ME Fire, Apr 1911 - search for victims

Searching For Bodies, Bangor, ME Fire 1911 Broadway, Bangor, ME Fire 1911 Broadway, Bangor, ME before the fire Broadway, Bangor, ME before the fire

Search for Victims.

Search was made of the ruins today for possible victims, but tonight only two were accounted for as dead. The body of JOHN N. SCRIBNER, who was buried beneath a wall, was recovered today. GEORGE ABBOT, a volunteer fireman, who was felled by a chimney, died at a hospital. Only a few were injured and none seriously.

Armed troops patrolled the streets tonight, under orders to shoot in case of looting.
Despite the cold rain of the early morning, there has been little suffering, and the citizens generally have take the blow with a smile and the main topic of conversation is rebuilding.

Tonight the city was in darkness, the electric service being still disrupted. The city hall and jail are the only important public buildings left standing.

Among the heavy losers was the University of Maine.

The Washington Post, Washington DC 2 May 1911



Reads of Fire While Visiting Pennington and Gets Message Telling of Home’s Burning

In the fire that destroyed the city of Bangor, Maine, the home of L. G. Patterson, a former resident of Wilkinson Place, this city, was burned. Mr. Patterson’s place of business was also destroyed.

Mr. Patterson, who married a daughter of Dr. Edgar Hart of Pennington, read the news of the fire in yesterday’s paper at the home of his father-in-law, where he and his wife were visiting. He immediately made preparations to start at once for Bangor. In the meantime, his mother, who resides in the ill-fated city, called him on the telephone and notified him that his handsome residence on Harlow Street was in ruins.

Mr. Patterson is a graduate of Pennington Seminary. During the winter he conducts a produce business in Newark and in the summer he has a livery business in Bangor.

Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJ 2 May 1911