Portland, ME Fire, Jul 1866 - Rebuilding

Since the fire in Portland on July 4, there have been between six and seven hundred buildings erected, including fifteen three-story brick and granite blocks, containing in all twenty-four stores. The total contributions received by Mayor Stevens, of Portland, for the relief of the sufferers by the fire lack but twelve thousand dollars of half a million. A donation of fifteen hundred dollars was received from Lowell last week, making the whole amount from that city five thousand dollars.

The Daily Memphis Avalanche, Memphis, TN 3 Nov 1866


THE REBUILDING OF PORTLAND.----About a thousand buildings are in course of erection on the burnt district of Portland, or are under contract. One master mason has four hundred and fifty men in his employ, and the pay roll of all the hands in the burnt district amounts to $75,000 per week. The streets have been widened and straightened, squares laid out and the section generally much improved.

New-Hampshire Sentinel, Keene, NH 29 Nov 1866