Portland, ME Fire, Jul 1866 - Losses

The Boston Transcript of Saturday, says:

"Owing to the confusion that prevails in consequence of the magnitude of the conflagration and the suffering of the people, it is almost impossible to get a correct estimate of full list of the loss. Those that have thus far been estimated are as follows:

G. A. Susskrout, hat, cap and fur dealer, $[illegible]0,000 of furs just imported, total loss $25,000.

Bickford & Henderson, eating house, loss $10,000; insured for $3,000 in a local Company that has failed.

Harry C. Barnes, dwelling-houses, loss $15,000; insured for $10,000.

Byron, Greenough & Co., hat, cap and fur dealers, loss $100,000; insured for $75,000.

J. R. Thompson, marble works, loss $12,000.

Deering, Milliken & Co.'s (dry goods) loss approximates to $200,000; insured for $123,000.

Woodman, True & Co., woolens and clothing, loss about $150,000.

Stevens, Haskell & Chase, shoe dealers, loss $15,000.

Harris & Waterhouse, loss $11,000.

Stinchcomb & Co., iron foundry, loss $3,000.

Charles B. Varney, real estate.

J. E. Donnell, real estate, loss $120,000.

J. T. Lewis & Co., clothing, loss $10,000.

W. H. Thomas, real estate in all quarters, loss $90,000.

Elias Thomas and wife, real estate, loss $75,000, no insurance.

Evans' Block, loss $35,000.

N. Cummings and family, real estate, loss $50,000.

H. & C. R. Milliken, real estate, loss $10,000.

John Fox, real estate, loss $8,000.

James Rockleff, real estate, loss $25,000.

Danforth & Ricker, loss $6,000.

Lowell & Senter, jewelers, loss providing their vault is intact, as is supposed, $10,000.

W. F. Phillips & Co., druggists, loss $35,000.

Joseph Farmer, real estate, loss $8,000.

Davis Bros., stationers, loss $300,000.

Bailey & Noyes, stationers, loss $55,000.

A. W. H. Clapp, real estate, loss $30,000, no insurance.

Charles Q. Clapp, real estate, loss about $60,000.

J. B. Carroll, real estate, loss $10,000.

H. M. Payson, loss $15,000.

Merchant's Bank Building, loss $15,000, no insurance.

The Cumberland National Bank's papers and valuables are all right. Their loss on the buildings is about $12,000, partially insured.

The papers, &c., in the First National Savings Bank and Traders' National were found to be unharmed, but those in the outer safe of the Mechanics' Bank are entirely spoiled.

Capt. Webster, of the revenue steamer Mahoning, loses $3,000 on the effects in his house.

David Tucker, printer, loss $23,000 on office and house.

Daniel Fox, real estate, loss $17,000.

Capt. S. P. Gertz, real estate, loss $5,000.

Owen & Barbour, fruit dealers, loss $8,000.

Daily Advertiser, loss $6,000.

James F. Lisk, clothing, loss $6,000.

A. Robertson, fruit and vegetable dealer, loss $15,000, no insurance.

James Fernald & Son, loss $2,000, fully insured.

Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, fancy goods, loss $20,000.

The Anderson heirs, loss $40,000, including the Codman Block.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Jul 1866

Transcribed by Linda Horton