Cantonsville, MD St. Charles College Fire, Mar 1911



Baltimore, March 16. -- Fire, which burned practically unchecked for two hours this afternoon, almost destroyed St. Charles College, a preparatory institute for the Sulpician Order of the Roman Catholic priesthood, about twenty miles west of this city. The loss is estimated at $250,000, and is fully covered by insurance.
The fire started in the furnace room in the basement of the main building, and, as it burst through the flooring to the first story, a strong wind carried it to every part of the edifice. The Ellicott City Fire Department, five miles distant, was summoned, but by the time it had completed the uphill climb the fire had burned itself out.
It was a holiday, and the students were scattered about the grounds and in the recreation hall. A rush was made to their rooms, but many of them were unable to save their clothes and books. The college library of over 15,000 volumes is almost a complete loss.
The REV. F. X. McKENNEY, President of the college, announced that the college would be rebuilt, and he hoped would be ready for occupancy next October. About 200 students were enrolled, and father McKENNEY was assisted by a faculty of fourteen priests. St. Charles College was incorporated in 1830, and its cornerstone was laid by CHARLES CARROLL of Carrollton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, it bears his Christian name.

The New York Times New York 1911-03-17


St. Charles College

The college was first built in Ellicott City. It was there on Frederick Road in 1911 when it was destroyed by fire. It was then transferred to Catonsville and rebuilt.