Baltimore, MD Steamer MEDORA Explosion, Apr 1842

Captain JOHN VICKERS, keeper of a public house in McClellan's alley, was blown into the air and fell on the wharf. He was taken up dead.
ANDREW F. HENDERSON, Esq. the President of the Steamboat Line, was scalded severely, and wounded in the head. He appeared to be doing well last night.
JOHN WATCHMAN, the builder of the engine of the boat, injured, but not seriously.
______ YOUNG, ship joiner, blown on board the Constitution; died immediately.
BENJAMIN FRENCH, painter, who resided in Potter street; dead.
R. H. MIDDLETON, (clerk in the Savings' Bank), scalded, but not dangerously.
JOHN HENDERSON, block and pump maker, Pratt street, scalded in the hand, but not seriously.
ALBERT RAMSAY, engineer of the boat, injured, as was also the assistant engineer -- but not dangerously.
RICHARD LINTHICUM; badly scalded, leg broken, and recovery doubtful.
DUNCAN FERGUSON; slightly hurt.
ALEXANDER SPAVIN; not much injured.
SAMUEL GLENN; severely scalded.
WEST CULLY, sailor, badly scalded.
JOHN SPEDDEN, ship carpenter, dangerously wounded -- not expected to recover.
______ KAYLOR, severely scalded.
______ BRONAN, printer, badly scalded.
JAMES WILSON, (believed to be a workman,) severely scalded.
WILLIAM ROBERTS, badly scalded.
LAWRENCE RIGGER, seriously injured.
JAMES CLARKE, not expected to live.
THOMAS ELDRIDGE; not expected to live.
GEORGE ENLEY, workman at Watchman's foundry, very badly scalded.
JOHN BOON, printer, dead.
DAVID FRAZIER, badly scalded.
PATRICK COLLINS, very much mutilated.
JACKSON ROEDER -- very badly scalded -- not expected to live.
______ STRIPPLE, slightly scalded.
JOHN BURNS, a lad, dead.
JAMES CRAWFORD, badly scalded.
JOSEPH GREGG, seriously scalded.
LEVIN BOSTON, fireman, scalded.
FRANCIS McLEER, missing.
GEORGE HOOFNAGLE, a workman in the establishment of Mr. Watchman, badly scalded.
______ SMITH, ship-carpenter, living near Canton, very much scalded.
Among the physicians who were promptly on the spot, rendering all aid in their power to the sufferers, were Drs. Smith, Whitridge, Dunbar, Collins, Roberts, Theobald, Rich, and Miller. His Honor the Mayor was also present, doing all in his power that the occasion called for.
We have a note from Mr. A. W. Ennis, No. 55 Light street wharf, stating that in assisting to disrobe a young man, apparently about 20 years old, dressed in black, a double cased gold watch fell from his pocket. He expired in a few minutes afterwards.

Mayor's Office,
Baltimore, April 15, 1842.
In consequence of the dreadful accident that happened to the steamboat Medora last evening, one hundred men are wanted to clear away the wreck of said boat, and collect the bodies of our citizens that are now missing. The men will assemble at the Mayor's office this morning, at 6 o'clock.
The City Commissioners and the Commissioners of Health will meet the Mayor, this morning at the same hour.
SOL. HILLEN, JR., Mayor.

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Who was the Lecompt?

There was a Joseph (incorrect first name, probably a brother, to my GGGF Henry B.. LeCompte who was the victim in the explosion) LeCompt who is listed as killed in the explosion (both legs broken and died the following day)
Do you have any information on him and the role he played?

M. LeCompte


agnes clazy was my great great grandmother. I would like to have and share information with you.
Please contact me. Thanks

Ramsay and Clazey

I am researching my Clazey roots...and have gotten all of us back to Berwickshire...would love to know more about Agnes and Isabelle. And, who their parents were...there is another researcher who descends from George Clazey and Margaret Brack (married in Berwickshire). We have called them "The Maryland Line"!


Medora Disaster

My Great Great Grandfather was the engineer on the Medora, Albert G. Ramsey, but survived. Based on his testimony taken later that week he was on the top deck at the time of the explosion engaged in conversation. After the explosion he took a step back and fell through the deck but was able to climb up and out of the ship. The other engineer was Duncan Ferguson and also Albert's brother-in-law. They were married to sisters, Isabelle and Agnes Clazey. Unfortunately Duncan Ferguson died that day. If my GrGr Grandfather had died I would not be to write this...