Baltimore, MD Steamer MEDORA Explosion, Apr 1842

BENJ. BROWN, (colored) first steward of the Medora, blown overboard -- uninjured. BROWN was blown up in the explosion which destroyed the steamer Pulaski.
CAPT. SUTTON was blown high in the air, and fell among the wreck of timber in the water. He received a severe wound in his head, had his face and arms bruised and mutilated in the most shocking manner. He appeared to be doing well at the last accounts.
About sixty persons were on board at the time of the accident. The American says:
We mentioned yesterday the truly afflicting circumstances of the death of JOHN C. MOALE, Esq., the active Agent of the Steamboat Company, and of his son WILLIAM, a fine boy of 14 years.
The immediate cause of MR. M's. speedy death is attributed to the fact that his ribs were broken and driven inwards towards the region of the heart. He was very near the engine at the time of the explosion. His son, besides being scalded, received a severe fracture of the skull, which it is believed caused instant death. MR. MOALE was a good citizen, and an affectionate husband and father; and his son was as promising and interesting a boy as ever gladdened the hearts of fond parents. The sudden cutting off of both father and son, in the full enjoyment of life and health, is a bereavement, the bitterness of which language cannot find words to express.
The burial of several members of the Watchman Fire Company, who were killed by the explosion of the Medora, took place yesterday afternoon. The Watchman Fire Company, accompanied by a large number of the members of other companies, marched in the funeral procession.
The flags of the shipping and public places were all at half-mast yesterday.
It should be borne in mind that the steamboat Medora, at the time of the accident, was yet in the hands of the builders, who having never been delivered to the Baltimore and Norfolk Steam-packet Company, for whose use she was built. No accident of the kind has ever happened to any boat while under the control of the careful agents of this Company.
We are indebted to the Baltimore Sun for an Extra, containing the inquest in the case of the dreadful deaths produced by the explosion of the Medora. Several witnesses were examined, and the result was, that the explosion was caused by very extraordinary pressure of steam, which might have happened from several causes, but which is believed by some to have been caused by some tampering with the safety valve, by some person unknown, and who was probably unaware of the consequences.
The same Extra gives the following additional list of deaths:
JOHN HALEY, a German, native of Strasburg.
JOHN SPEDDY, ship joiner, on Fell's Point.
JOHN YEAKER, Engineer of Lanvale Factory.
JACKSON REEDER, Machinist, Federal Hill.
JOHN MITCHELL, Federal Hill.
[Bicknell's Reporter, April 19.]

Settler & Pennon Smethport Pennsylvania 1842-04-30


Who was the Lecompt?

There was a Joseph (incorrect first name, probably a brother, to my GGGF Henry B.. LeCompte who was the victim in the explosion) LeCompt who is listed as killed in the explosion (both legs broken and died the following day)
Do you have any information on him and the role he played?

M. LeCompte


agnes clazy was my great great grandmother. I would like to have and share information with you.
Please contact me. Thanks

Ramsay and Clazey

I am researching my Clazey roots...and have gotten all of us back to Berwickshire...would love to know more about Agnes and Isabelle. And, who their parents were...there is another researcher who descends from George Clazey and Margaret Brack (married in Berwickshire). We have called them "The Maryland Line"!


Medora Disaster

My Great Great Grandfather was the engineer on the Medora, Albert G. Ramsey, but survived. Based on his testimony taken later that week he was on the top deck at the time of the explosion engaged in conversation. After the explosion he took a step back and fell through the deck but was able to climb up and out of the ship. The other engineer was Duncan Ferguson and also Albert's brother-in-law. They were married to sisters, Isabelle and Agnes Clazey. Unfortunately Duncan Ferguson died that day. If my GrGr Grandfather had died I would not be to write this...