Salisbury, MD Train Wreck Aug 1933

Three Are Dead In Train Wreck

Four Others Are Injures as Pennsylvania Flyer Is Thrown From Rails

Salisbury, Md., Aug. 12. (AP).-Two men were killed and five injured, one probably fatally, in the derailment of a passenger express train of the Pennsylvania Railroad near here early today.

The dead:
W. OSCAR BROWN, engineman, Delmar, Del.
An unidentified Negro who was tiding the trucks of the baggage car.
E.R. MASSEY, fireman.

After an investigation of the wreck, A.F. McIntyre, trainmaster in charge of the division, said it had been caused by “malicious tampering with the rails.” He did not amplify the statement.

The other four injured left the hospital after first aid treatment.

Brown, an engineman for 18 years, was extricated from the wreckage of his locomotive. Both legs and one arm were broken and he sustained internal injuries, dying at the hospital two hours later.

The eight car train, “The Cavalier,” bound from Cape Charles, Va., to New York was just approaching Salisbury when the crash occurred. The speed on a straightaway had not been slackened when apparently, the locomotive struck a loosened rail and after traveling five car lengths turned over on the right side directly across the north and southbound tracks.

The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, WV 12 Aug 1933