Ashland, MD Stable Fire, Mar 1911

Burning Mule A Clue.

Centerville, Md., March 15. – That the fire which destroyed the stables of Edwin P. MEREDITH, near Ashland, causing a loss of $2,000, was the work of an incendiary is given credence by the fact that a mule which lost its life in the fire ran from the stable with its whole body enveloped in flames. Only recently the mule had been closely sheared, and it is said that only by pouring oil over the animal and setting fire to it could the beast have been turned into the blazing torch that emerged from the burning stable just after the fire was discovered. State Fire Marshal Thomas J. EWELL is here conducting an investigation.

In the fire six mules, one colt, a sheep and many tons of hay were burned. The mule that escaped from the building was found burned to a crisp in the woods nearby.

Evening Post, Frederick, MD 15 Mar 1911