Emmitsburg, MD Town Fire, June 1863

Emmitsburg MD Great Fire 6-15-1863.jpg Emmitsburg MD Fire marker.jpg

JOSHUA SHORB, residence, store building and stable, $4,000.
SHORB & ADDELSPERGER, a large stock of store goods, $12,000.
DANIEL WILE, City Hotel and stabling, $10,000.
MR. WILE lost nearly all his furniture, in addition to all his buildings, as was the case with most of those mentioned.
The amount of insurance on all this loss is estimated at $20,000.
Twenty-eight dwellings were destroyed, rendering homeless fifty-four families, numbering in the aggregate one hundred and eighty-nine persons. These have been cared for in various ways. A large proportion have been accommodated at the Sisterhood -- the Hall in town is full, whilst all having spare room have freely given it to the houseless.
A subscription was started there, the next day, for the benefit of the needy, and, we are told, was liberally responded to. It is the intention to extend the paper to the neighboring towns for help, and it is to be hoped that a large sum will thus be realized. Certainly it is wanted. The sad spectacle presented by the desolate ruins of many a once comfortable homestead appeals irresistibly to the kindlier emotions of our nature, and cannot but elicit the most substantial sympathy. Let all who can, contribute to the relief of our afflicted neighbors. Like bread cast upon the waters, it will come back increased many fold.
ELI SMITH has been arrested and confined in Frederick jail, on suspicion of having been the incendiary.
The fire continued until daylight, but the principal part of the property was consumed in about four hours.

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