Steubenville, MD Mail Train Crash, June 1889


Pittsburg, June 19. -- The second section of Mail Train No. 7, westbound on the Pan Handle Railroad, was wrecked this afternoon while passing New Cumberland Junction, two miles east of Steubenville. Two persons were killed outright and eight injured, four of them seriously.
The killed are:
J. H. PAYNE, postal clerk.
E. R. REINHART, postal clerk.
The seriously injured are:
Conductor BURRIS.
Brakeman McFARLAND.
Postal Clerk W. S. BOLTON.
Postal Clerk J. E. MATHEWS.
MESSRS. T. D. ARMSTRONG, E. E. BENNER, C. J. MINOR, and FRANK SHOOK were also hurt, but how badly is not known.
The accident was caused by the third car from the engine leaving the track. It was followed by two others, all going over an embankment. The train consisted of the engine, express car, and four postal cars, and was running about forty-five miles an hour.
Surgeons were sent promptly from Steubenville, and the injured were removed to that city, where they were given the best of attention.

New York Times New York 1889-06-20