Bedford, MD Livery Barn Fire, Feb 1908


Fire, Believed Incendiary, Causes Loss and Death at Bedford.

Fire, believed to be of incendiary nature, destroyed the Black and Baldwin livery barn in Bedford and included in the ashes is the body of one of the owners, M. D. BALDWIN, and sixteen horses. Will Saville is perhaps fatally injured because of the fire. The fire was discovered by Floyd Nevis at 4 o'clock in the morning when he went to the barn to get a span of horses he had left there. As he stepped inside the door to rescue the horses he stumbled over the insensible form of Saville. He dragged him into the open air and called for help. The fire had got such a start that not a man was able to enter the building, which was practically demolished. Every horse in it was cremated. As soon as the fire was quelled the office was entered and the lifeless body of M. D. BALDWIN was found. He had apparently been sleeping all night in the office----and slept to his death.

The Nashua Reporter, Nashua, IA 27 Feb 1908