Locust Point, MD Bridge Collapse, Apr 1907


BALTIMORE, April 27.---A section of 500 feet of the new pier being erected at the immigration station at Locust point, South Baltimore, for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad company for the use of the North German Lloyd Steamship company, collapsed today, carrying down between 20 and 25 workmen of whom six are known to be dead, three missing and fifteen injured.

Among the injured is W. N. Edson, general superintendent of the Baltimore Bridge company who had charge of the steel construction. He was caught while warning the workmen off the pier. It is not known how seriously he is injured.

The dead:


Four unidentified men, drowned. The pier is a two-story structure, 1000 feet long. Its estimated cost is $400,000.

Later this afternoon a revised list of the missing was issued, placing the number unaccounted for at 16, most of them laborers.

HOWARD T. ELLENDER of Baltimore, a civil engineer, was one of the dead. He lost his life trying to save the men upon the outer end of the pier.

Superintendent Edson, who was also injured, was not seriously hurt.

Warning of the disaster was had several days ago when the piles began settling. Today shortly before the disaster, the piles settled in such an alarming manner that orders to leave the place were sent out. It is due to this fact that the casualties were not greater.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 27 Apr 1907


The list of three persons known to be dead and five known to be missing is unchanged.

It is possible that as many as 8or 10 others---Polish workmen---may have drowned or been killed, as about 10 were employed on the work by the McLean Construction Co., which has no record of the number of its men who have been saved.

At Homes of Victims.

Hundreds of friends and former associates of Mr. Howard L. Ellender, who was killed in the collapse of Pier 8, Locust Point, Saturday, called yesterday to offer condolences to the widow. The funeral will take place at 2 p. m. tomorrow.

The funeral of Robert A. Sweetmon, another victim, will take place at 2 p. m. tomorrow from his home, 3620 Cedar avenue. Services will be conducted by Rev. C. C. Cox, pastor of Hampden Baptist church. Burial will be in St. Mary's cemetery.

Evening Times, Cumberland, MD 29 Apr 1907