Washington County, MD Lightning Strike, May 1923


Three persons were slightly injured when struck by lightning during the severe electrical and rainstorm, which raged through Washington county, Maryland, shortly after 1 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon. Their injuries were slight and by Wednesday night all three were completely recovered.

The injured were:

Miss Margaret Lewis, 18 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lewis, of Hagerstown, Miss Lewis suffered with severe headaches all afternoon as a result of the shock.

Miss Dorothy Mack, 19, years old, of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, who has been visiting Miss Lewis. Miss Mack received burns on the back of her neck from the lightning, but Wednesday night was said to be recovered.

Charles Slick, 19 years old. He only slightly felt the effects of the shock.

The three had just left Surrey School, where they had completed the graduation exercises by having their pictures taken with their classes. They were walking in front of Surrey when the lightning struck a high tension wire above their heads, the shock traveling to the group on the sidewalk.

The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, PA 7 Jun 1923