Emmitsburg, MD Cabin Fire, Dec 1950


Emmitsburg, Md., Dec. 3. (AP) -- A mother and her three children were burned to death today when flames from an exploded oil stove trapped them on the second floor of their log house. The four-room structure burned to the ground.
The victims were MRS. GRACE ELIZABETH WILLIS, 31, and her children, RICHARD BERNARD, 6; ROLAND EUGENE, 3, and CHARLES EDWARD, 1.
Her husband, GEORGE BERNARD WILLIS, 27, and two of his brothers were on the first floor and escaped.
One brother, CARROLL WILLIS, managed to get to the top of the stairs in a effort to reach MRS. WILLIS and the children, but roaring flames forced him to jump out a second-story window. He was treated for face and arm burns by an Emmitsburg physician.
The WILLIS house was located near Annandale School, near here.

Morning Herald Hagerstown Maryland 1950-12-04