Poplar Island, MD Schooner B W BRAMBLE Wrecked in Storm, Oct 1894

Oyster Beds Covered with Sand Washed in by Wednesday's Storm.

BALTIMORE, Oct. 13.---The two-masted schooner B. W. Bramble of Baltimore, was capsized in Chesapeake Bay last night near Poplar Island while bound from Baltimore to the Patuxent River. Capt. P. A. Gatton and the crew of four men were thrown overboard. Seaman William Hooper and Frank Stewart, both colored, were drowned. Capt. Gatton and the other men swam to the schooner and climbed on the bottom.

For two hours the men clung to the keel and were then rescued by the Wheeler Line steamer Chesapeake. Capt. Gatton said the Bramble was caught in a whirlwind and capsized without a minute's warning.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Oct 1894