Baltimore, MD Electric Car Accident, Jul 1895


Otto Schwocho Crushed Under a Wheel Guard on the Central Line.

Otto Schwocho, twenty-nine years old, employed in laying conduits for the police and fire-alarm telephone and telegraph wires was killed yesterday by Central Railway Company's electric car No. 2 on South Caroline street between Lancaster and Aliceanna streets.

A number of men were at work at that point repaving the street where it had been torn up to permit the laying of the conduits.

Mr. F. A. Holbrook, superintendent, says that Schwocho reported to him for work from an uptown job, and was in the act of throwing a shovel of sand over a place where pavers were putting down the stones, when the car came along. Several persons hallooed to him to get out of the way, but he did not heed the warning. He was struck by the corner of the car and knocked down, falling under the fender.

The car was going slowly, and as soon as Motorman George Ellis saw the man fall he dropped the fender and turned off the current. When the car came to a stop Schwocho was under the wheel-guard, which was pressing down upon him with great weight.

He was taken out and sent to the Baltimore University Hospital in the eastern district patrol wagon, but died just as he was taken to the hospital. He was injured internally about the region of the chest.

His home was at 1011 Wood's court, in rear of Central avenue, near Bank street. Patrolman Johnson arrested Motorman Ellis, who is at the eastern police station pending an investigation of the accident by a coroner's jury, which will meet tonight.

Schwocho lived with his mother and step-father, Ludwig Gohr. He was a native of Germany and had been a resident of this country since his sixteenth year.