Baltimore, MD Yingling Home Fire, Feb 1902


Family's Narrow Escape in Their
Night Clothes While Flames Raged

Special to The Inquirer.
BALTIMORE, Feb. 15.--C. K. Yingling's handsome residence, at Glyndon, Baltimore county, was burned early this morning, and his wife, children and aged father-in-law, Dr. R. H. Thompson, made narrow escapes. The residences of W. S. Atkinson, George Brown and Thomas Bishop were slightly damaged.
A colored servant discovered the fire in time to save the lives of the family. Five minutes later the back stairway, from which they made their escape, was in flames. Mrs. Yingling and Grace Wilson, the nurse, carried down the two children. All were in their night clothes, and had to go through the snow in their bare feet.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 16 Feb 1902