Baltimore, MD Paca Street Fire, Apr 1910


Paca Street Blaze Does About $1,700 Damage.

Fire was discovered yesterday morning in a second story backroom of 117 North Paca street. Vast volume of smoke pouring from the windows was noticed by Mr. W. B. Ridgely, employed by Mr. Thomas P. Cunningham, a poultry dealer, in the building. He notified No. 2 Truck Company.

When the firemen arrived smoke was pouring from the front windows. The rear of the building was in flames. Through a narrow alley the men fought the flames. Shortly after streams of water were turned on the building it was noticed that the roof of 115 North Paca street had ignited and the efforts of the firemen were directed to protect it. The fire was soon under control, but not before it had burned two back porches.

The blaze is said to have started on the second floor of the building occupied by the Chinese Christian Morning Star Mission. Its origin has not been ascertained. The flames roasted several coops of chickens and a duck.

The building at 117 North Paca street is owned by the Friedenwald estate, and Mr. William Colton owns 113 North Paca street. Mr. Cunningham said the damage to his stock and to that of Mr. G. H. Duncan, produce dealer, who occupies a part of the first floor, was about $1,700, covered by insurance. The damage to the building was slight.

Baltimore, MD 14 Apr 1910