Hanover Station, MD Rear End Train Collision, Dec 1907



Baltimore (Special). -- A disastrous rear-end collision between two passenger trains -- the second on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad this week -- occurred at Hanover Station, about 11 miles from Baltimore, at 8:10 o'clock A.M.
Two colored men were almost instantly killed and another colored man died of a fractured skull at the Maryland University Hospital.
It was reported that a white man and another colored man had been killed in the wreck, but up to midnight only three dead could be checked up by the Baltimore and Ohio officials.
About 50 persons were more or less injured, 18 of them being brought to Baltimore and sent to the Johns Hopkins, the Maryland University and the City Hospitals.
Those who were most seriously hurt remained at the hospitals, the others leaving after having their injuries cared for. Many of the injured were treated at Camden Station by physicians, who were awaiting the arrival of the trains which picked up the injured. At least two of those now in the hospitals are in a critical condition.
The collision was said to be due to the failure of the engineer of Express Train No. 2123 from St. Louis for Baltimore via Washington, to notice the automatic danger signal south of Hanover. His engine crashed into the rear car of local Train No. 142 from Washington for this city, which was just about to leave Hanover Station. The matter is being investigated by the Baltimore and Ohio officials and the causes leading to it thoroughly sifted.
Several responsible persons, who were at the scene of the collision say that the target showing red between the express train and Hanover was plainly visible to persons in the town.

The Fulton County News, McConnellsburg Pennsylvania 1907-12-12