Bowie, MD Auto and Train Collision, May 1966


Bowie, Md. (UPI) - Eight persons, seven of them from one family, were killed Sunday when their auto was demolished by a Pennsylvania Railroad passenger train at an unguarded crossing near here.
Hours after the accident police were finally able to make tentative identification of the victims, four of whom were children.
The dead were:
RALEIGH HOWARD, JR., 36, Baltimore.
his wife, MARIA, 34.
their twin daughters, ROXANNE MARIA and ROSILAND MARITA, both 11.
and another daughter SHARON MICHELLE, 9.
MRS. HOWARD'S stepfather and mother, MR. and MRS. HARDING.
and 7-year-old JAMES ESTER KENT, JR., Baltimore, also were killed.
The 15-car, northbound express slammed into the auto at a crossing which is protected only with wooden cross-buck warning signs.
Wreckage of the auto was strewn for as far as 500 yards from the crossing.

Daily Messenger Canandaigua New York 1966-05-16