Havre De Grace, MD Fireworks Explosion, Feb 1960


Havre De Grace, Md. (AP) - A series of explosions ripped through a sprawling fireworks plant here Tuesday touching off a mammoth fire and killing the owner.
The body of JAMES ARCHIE FAHRIZO, 35, owner of the Havre de Grace Fireworks Co., was identified by a medical examiner from two false teeth and his belt buckle. A man saw him walk into one of the buildings just before it blew up.
"Everything was burned off him," said Police Chief William A. Bullock. "No arms, no legs, no nothing. It was horrible."
A Negro woman who lived in the area, NELLIE STANSBURY, 62, died at a hospital of a heart attack or stroke suffered during the excitement.

Oneonta Star New York 1960-02-10