Chase, MD Plane Hit By Lightning and Crashes, May 1959

Pennsy trains were proceeding at reduced speed through the area.
Engines Near Rail Line.
The plane's engines were within 200 yards of the railroad tracks but neither wreckage nor bodies could be seen from passing trains.
One of the witnesses, CHARLES HOPEWOOD of Oliver Beach, said he heard "two quick explosions -- it sounded more like a rumble. It (the plane) just disintegrated in the air."
OSCAR BENNETT said he heard two explosions in the air, and saw one piece of wreckage blazing as it fell.
"I could see two other pieces," he said. "Black smoke was coming from them."
All four engines dropped in a sand pit at a sand and gravel company.
The last crash of a Capital Airlines plane also involved a Viscount turboprop plane. In May, 1958, a Viscount collided with an Air Force jet fighter near Brunswick, Md., killing 12.

The Frederick Post Maryland 1959-05-13


Washington (UPI) -- Capital Airlines today identified the following crew members and passengers killed in the crash of a Viscount airliner near Baltimore, Md.:
The crew:
Capt. W. C. PADDACK, 11760 Whitehall, Grosse Pointe, Mich.
Flight Officer M. J. FLAHAVEN, 12 Lamson Court, Dearborn, Mich.
Hostess DORIS ELAINE GULICK, 530 Mohawk, Ypsilanti, Mich., parents live at 93 Peace Lane, Lancaster, Pa.
Hostess SUE ANN WESSEL, 217 North Normal, Ypsilanti, Mich.
O. T. DOZIER, 410 E. 20th St., New York City.
MRS. O. T. DOZIER, same address.
H. HECKMAN, Athens, Ga.
DR. ARNOLD W. PENSIG, 32 Lennox Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y.
TOM LOGAN, 215 Sheraton Ave., Roselle Park, N.J.
WALTER H. POLLARD, 20 Church St., Greenwich, Conn.
DR. LESLIE O. BOATRIGHT, 14 Crossbridge Road, Old Greenwich, Conn.
T. MANNIX, 2015 Brooklane, Seaford, L.I., N.Y.
R. L. BROPHY, Atlanta, Ga.
HAROLD MITNICK, 91 New Jersey Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
JEAN DONALD BOUCHARD, 75 Flagg Ave., Warwick, Providence, R.I.
SAM WARREN, 18 Spector Lane, Plainview, L.I., N.Y.
M. D. CLEARY, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
MRS. M. D. CLEARY, same address.
DR. WILLIAM GITTINGER, 13722 Geranium Ave., Flushing, N.Y.
BURTON MITCHELL, 120 Holabard Ave., Winsted, Conn.
F. J. JEUCK, 29 E. 64th St., New York City.
C. W. DRANNBAUER, Kansas City, Mo.
C. C. ALEXANDER, 29 Warren Ave., Tarrytown, N.Y.
GEORGE A. DAVIS, Washington, D.C.
H. J. REED, 10 Ridgedale Ave., Madison, N.J.
A. MAGGS, 4 West Glenwood Dr., Latham, N.Y.
K. KINKADE, Idlehour Blvd., Oakdale, L.I., N.Y.
MR. GEORGE O. GRIFFITH, 285 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N.J.
MR. ROBERT G. SMITH, 102 Park Ave., Westmont, N.J.
ROBERT ANDREW JACKSON, 35 Glen Way, Huntington, Long Island, N.Y.
E. H. POTASH, Spring Valley, N.Y.

Altoona Mirror Pennsylvania 1959-05-13

Transcriber's Note: The official cause of this accident was:
Disintegration in-flight due to severe turbulence encountered during a thunderstorm. Not caused by a lightning bolt.


My father, Dr. Arnold Walter

My father, Dr. Arnold Walter Pensig, was killed in this crash when I was four months old. My mother later told me that my father had $100 in his wallet when he left that day. There was no money in the wallet when it was returned to us.

Chase plane crash May 1959

My father worked at Glenn L. Martin at the time. I was a little girl when it happened. We would drive down Eastern Ave. where many of the bodies fell in the field near the railroad tracks. He told me that people went there to look for personal items -money, jewelry, etc. after the crash. I always think about it went I drive past the spot.

Airplane crash in Chase, MD. 1959

I was there i lived on Bengies Rd. & Earls Rd.. My cousins and i was in our front yard watching the plane before it was struck by lightning. we were maybe the first People on the scene. No one asked us any questions back then , because i guess we were black children. The major airplane crash this week, brought back those memories. i will never forget all those bodies burned and torn apart thrown everywhere. Then emergency help began to arrive. My great grandfather back in the day owned land attached to Glen L. Martin's Air Base. He lived in what is now called Wilson's Point. found your site by just searching for the crash date. This a very historical moment for me. i have so much history on the Old Chase, Md. July 24, 2014

The usual struck by lightening twaddle

The accident was caused by loss of control while flying in turbulence between two thunderheads. The upset resulted in a rapid decent, an increase in speed above Vne (never exceed speed) and the subsequent failure of both horizontal stabilizers at their no. 2 hinge points. This caused a extreme pitch down causing all four engine mounts to fail upward and then the separation of the right wing downward and disintegration of the left wing.

This was a classic case of the pilots pulling the wings off the airplane.

CAB Docket # SA-341