Baltimore, MD Cracker Bakery Fire, Aug 1887



BALTIMORE, Md., Aug. 4.---Fire broke out this morning in the extensive cracker bakery of James D. Mason & Sons, on Pratt-street, near Light, which was entirely destroyed, with all its contents and machinery. It extended on the right of the double building occupied by Henderson, Laws & Co., crackers, cakes, and candy factory, which was also destroyed. William Schults, foreman of Engine No.12, was on one of the lower floors when the upper floors fell in, and he was buried beneath the ruins and killed. Chief Engineer Hennick, of the Fire Department, was on the same floor and was seriously injured. His death is feared. The flames continued to spread on the right to the stove warehouse of Liebrandt, McDowell & Co., which was destroyed, and to the agricultural warehouse of E. Whitman & Sons, the upper part of which was burned out. On the left of the building in which the fire originated the book and stationery store of T. Newton Kurtz & Son, containing a large stock was burned and all the upper floors of the grain and produce commission house of E.B.Owens & Co., were destroyed. The fire spread to the south and took hold of the rear of the tin warehouse of E.L. Parker & Co., fronting on Charles-street, which was wrecked and the stock ruined. The entire damage is now estimated at $450,000, on which there is an insurance of $331,000, mostly in small policies.

The remains of Fireman Shults were found to-night under an immense pile of debris. The trunk alone was left, the head and limbs having been entirely consumed by the flames.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Aug 1887